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Location is the No. 1 criteria to select depending:


- Focus on a renowned resort with a quality ski area: Choose a resort that offers access to a large ski domaine ideally linked to different resorts. This will ensure that skiers won’t get bored, especially if they are visiting the resort year after year. A resort with a ski area offering several hundred kilometers of slopes will be more appealing. Choosing a renowned resort normally means they have invested into the infrastructure and facilities, appealing to different types of people. This will ensure that the village offers a decent level of restaurants/bars, shops (local artisans, epicurean products), activities and entertainment for the whole family (concerts, children's entertainment) but also guarantee the presence of doctors and a medical center.


- A resort with character and inhabitants all year round. Beyond the attractiveness of winter sports, it is preferable to focus on a resort which has preserved its mountain village soul and which lives all year round, offering a real quality of life throughout the seasons. Dual season resorts will mean that more restaurants and facilities will stay open for longer periods of time which is attractive for tourism and may increase the number of rental weeks.


- Think about alternatives to skiing: in recent years the Alpine resorts have adapted to different activities. Vacationers like to take advantage of leisure infrastructures and other ancillary facilities: aquatic area, spa, ice rink, cinema, bowling...Especially since the health crisis in 2020 the appetite of the French and that of foreign tourists for stays in the mountains still remains intact. Everyone now aspires to enjoy the great outdoors all year round.

With the development of teleworking, what could be more pleasant than enjoying an office with a view of the snow-covered mountains. Which explains the good shape of the mountain real estate market. It’s a tourist destination that always has the wind in its sails!

Instead, opt for dynamic resorts that diversify their outdoor activities as much as possible, summer and winter, even 4 seasons, but also with cultural activities. Enough to rent throughout the year, knowing that it generally takes 5 weeks of rental per year to balance the costs of an apartment in the mountains.


- Easy access by road and air.

Ensuring easy access in summer and winter is essential to guarantee a successful investment. Ease of access is also understood by the presence of an international airport 1h30 from the station and a TGV station within a 50 km radius in order to guarantee the presence of an international clientele throughout the year.


- Heart of the village or close to the slopes?

In terms of location in the resort the question to ask yourself is: Am I not too far from the ski area and/or the center of the resort, transport and other shuttle routes?

Choosing a location in the village with easy access to the ski area by free shuttles is ideal. Being able to walk to get the croissants in the morning or go for a drink in the evening after returning from skiing without having to take the car is the height of luxury for a ski holiday...

Saying that, we are experiencing a higher demand with our owners who are wanting to be within a 15 minute walk to the village. Being slightly out of the village, but still on a bus route may mean that you have more elevated views and more open space.





Ensure quality services and a typology of apartment adapted to the market


Today, the quality of construction is also a significant parameter.

A key point for the real estate sale in the future in good condition and when the time is right for you.

It is important to select a property with services that meet the demands of a clientele who does not come to the mountains just to ski!


Gone are the days of the 20 m² cabin studios where we crammed in for an intensive ski weekend.

Today it is preferable to favor large apartments. Both for resale and for tourist rental in the case of rental investment. Studio cabins and other very small spaces are now discounted for seasonal rentals.

Be sure to ensure a good configuration of the apartment: spacious living rooms, large terrace or balcony, pleasant well equipped kitchen for cooking with the family, rooms in the form of ensuites with private bathroom to avoid traffic jams for the shower upon returning from ski...Most families like to cook at home so having a comfortable space adapted for this is essential


Today, vacationers aspire to find at least the same comfort as at home, if not better!

Underfloor heating, electric roller shutters, large showers, electric shoe dryers are all services which . And to go further, additional equipment such as a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a spa bath, a fireplace provide undeniable added value to appeal to the greatest number of vacationers or future buyers when you wish to resell your property.

Some buildings also offer common areas with gym, sauna and hammam, relaxation room which can be great assets. On the other hand, although it may seem tempting, it is preferable to avoid swimming pools which will considerably increase the co-ownership charges due to the very regular maintenance which must be devoted to them. Instead, choose a property close to an aquatic center which offers these facilities.



It is tempting to consider that older apartments or chalets in the mountains often have more charm, and often has a lower price point. However, this idyllic picture of older real estate can quickly present major disadvantages in terms of insulation, particularly thermal insulation. A black spot in mountain regions where the climate can be harsh, and which forces new buyers to devote an additional budget, sometimes very high, to renovate their property. Especially now with utility prices rising, an energy efficient home will save you money both in the short and long term.

On the other hand, if work is necessary, it is not uncommon for it to be very complicated to find local craftsmen to carry it out, particularly if the property purchased is very isolated in the mountains.

Also be careful with co-ownership and maintenance charges for your real estate investment in the mountains. In resorts, homes have to be heated a lot and some old properties can be a pit in terms of energy consumption. Especially since the ban on renting energy strainers, labels E, F and G from the DPE, will undoubtedly be extended to seasonal rentals.

At a time when thermal strainers are being criticized, it is essential to ensure that you benefit from the best standards in terms of sound and thermal insulation. The added value of new construction in terms of energy consumption is no longer debated to benefit from the latest environmental standards and therefore reduced energy bills. Investing in new properties in the mountains therefore presents less risk.


Added to this is also the financial aspect: notary fees in new buildings are 2% compared to 7% in old buildings.

You should know that with the scarcity of land, new developments in ski resorts will be increasingly rare and therefore more and more expensive. Investing now in a ski apartment means building up real estate assets that will increase in value in the long term.





Today when purchasing a new property it is possible to recover the 20% VAT for owners who wish to rent out their property when they are not using it! The rental yield value for seasonal mountain properties is a real niche for owners, who can count on this income to reduce their annual charges effectively, and in particular through para-hotels or rental status. Non-Professional Furnished (LMNP).


Another possibility in terms of tax advantage, invest in the Pinel law.


The Pinel law is the tax system that allows French taxpayers to invest in new real estate and benefit from a tax reduction. The Pinel zones are divided into several categories and, from now on, certain mountain municipalities are among the towns eligible for this real estate tax exemption system. Investors can thus benefit from the tax advantages of the Pinel law in these ski resorts. The Pinel Law allows you to benefit from tax reductions when you buy a new unfurnished property (or in a future state of completion).

Several other conditions are required to benefit from tax exemption under the Pinel law:

The accommodation must be rented for a minimum of 6 years after the property purchase

The rental amount is capped

Tenants must have income not exceeding a certain ceiling

The accommodation must comply with the 2012 thermal regulations and must be rented unfurnished.





There are many agencies that offer their services to ensure the rental of your apartment, but how can you be sure to select the most efficient one?


- First of all, be sure to look for a structure that offers a complete solution from rental to management of your apartment and not just the simple search for vacationer tenants via online platforms.

It is important to ensure the seriousness of the agency that will manage your property to guarantee its sustainability. The agency must be able to maintain the apartment in impeccable condition and deal with urgent needs such as replacing a light bulb, bleeding a radiator, etc. To do this, some agencies have a “jack of all trades” or a solid network of local craftsmen capable of being responsive.


- Look at their current stock on their website.

Do they offer properties of a similar standard to yours, i.e. 4 or 5 stars? If so, it means they have a good database of clients whose requirements and budget may be a good match for your apartment. It is important to know their established database and if they already have local stock, they will surely have a healthy database. Most of the time, if they rent directly to a customer in their database, the fees are reduced for the owner.


- An internationally oriented agency. Take care to ensure that the agency is multilingual and that its online presence is also geared towards an international clientele. This way you will increase the occupancy of your apartment tenfold because the school holiday calendar is not the same depending on the country. Targeting an international, or even global, clientele means ensuring you maximize rental thanks to a broader target audience who often have a comfortable budget.


- Ensure a strong online marketing presence. Ask where they advertise online and therefore the costs associated with each portal.


- Revenue management. Make sure the agency treats your property like a business, by first putting a strategy in place based on your expectations and your personal use. They must be proactive and monitor the market and therefore the price of your property. Most rental companies will advise you to stage your property with professional photography because they know what images sell.


- Some rental companies will be happy to get involved in an off-plan purchase early in the process, advising on the best layout changes to maximize rental income.